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About Us is a news and media website that offers a wide range of services to meet up with the demands and prospective interest of companies, entrepreneurs, Ebook lovers, etc. 
We offer a wide range of platforms for business entrepreneurs to advertise their products, items, thereby drawing traffics for sales promotions.
We also offer a system of job listings for the benefit of job seekers and employers.

Knowing that information is the key and in today’s world, if you’re not informed, you’re deformed, Glittergists has a unique forum where her members can create topics, ask questions and get adequate solutions where necessary.

Our community team have members drawn from different areas of discipline who has as well seen the fore walls of life. With this, our Consultants are readily available for hire, if in need of the following, Website designer,  Software and Application developers, Favicon Logo designer, Forex trading tutor’s, etc
All you need to do is to send a request to our Company’s email, stating the services which you are in need of, our customer service agent will respond to you by linking you up with the respective consultant within 24hours.

A society where everyone reaches their target audience through Informatics